Educative Rotations

We offer a variety of educational experiences, from short term medical mission trips to multiple month projects. For medical school rotations we have an ongoing collaboration with University of Kansas Medical School. KU medical students have the opportunity to come for a two month rotation between their first and second years. A fourth year International Rotation Elective is also available. We are in the process of providing an international rotation for residents. It will be an excellent elective for residents interested in experiencing and providing medical care in a “primarily” rural, out-patient setting of a developing Latin American country.

They will have a variety of patient interactions; along with the usual machete wounds, diabetes and hypertension, they will see nutritional, environmental, and food/water born, illnesses. They will experience, first hand, the long term and acute effects of education and environment on health as well as the difficulties providing care in an environment lacking a modern infrastructure. We provide excellent and safe accommodations with meals, as well as secure transportation to and from the airport in San Pedro Sula. Blumenschein Clinic is located at La Buena Fe compound as are the guest dorms. La Buena Fe is situated in a lovely valley approximately 2 hours outside San Pedro Sula, near the southwest corner of Lake Yajoa and the small town of Horconcitos. Spanish is the language spoken in Honduras and it is good to have some ability, but not absolutely necessary as we have translators available much of the year. A month stay at the Clinic costs approximately $500 USD including dorm room, meals and transportation. However, a travel surcharge might be added, if necessary, based upon gasoline pricing.
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