About Us

In 1957 Dr. John and Marian Blumenshein made their dream of service a reality by moving to Honduras. Dr. John left a busy OB-GYN practice in Independence, MO to offer medicine and ministry to people in a rural and isolated area of Central America and was lead to this area of Honduras. Within the first year Dr. John passed away leaving his wife and five children. Prior to his death he asked Marion to stay on in Honduras and assured her “others will come”. For over 50 years health teams, builders, educators, teachers, witnesses for Faith, and many others have traveled to La Buena Fe with skills, resources, and a dedication to minister and serve the impoverished of the area. One common theme – Service to others in Need (SON).

Not all are called to leave home and family to serve with their gifts and talents and even fewer are prepared to do so, but those who are, are a rich and constant source of blessing and facilitation for growth and enrichment to the communities where they serve. Those at home have the opportunity to support those abroad with their talents, resources and finances. Tangible love does need tangible resources too!

The work planted and the root that has and is continually developing between this area in Honduras and groups in Canada and the USA has created many benefits. Devastating disease that is cured or treated, educational opportunities through grants and books, development of the local economy through technical assistance, the building of good schools… a direct development from those contacts created by the sacrificial giving of the Blumenschein Family. Marian (now deseased), left a widow in under a year, but forged on to see the dream of growth in mind, body and Spirit come to this area’s poor, impoverished peoples, without hope or resources. Many of these first Honduran families are continuing the fight against ignorance and poverty, some in this very community of La Buena Fe.BCF was recently founded on the principle that health care is important and needs to be available to the people of this area, close and reliable enough to make it a viable option for treatment. As economics took a down turn worldwide the clinic lost its funding and was not in operation for many months. Our group and several others raised money to supply these needs temporarily (June2011). Our goal is to create a stable foundation to fund the basic salaries for the daily nurses as well as for the future hope of a full time physician, renovation of the clinic and replacement of the inoperable, obsolete equipment now in the clinic. Also, keeping medications stocked to treat diseases, and emergencies. We need to grow this work, in cooperation with the Honduran Government, to ensure basic prenatal care, dental care and child developmental support in this area.

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