Marian Blumenschein

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BCFThe Blumenschein Clinic Foundation, BCF, is a not-for-profit organization supporting The Blumenschein Clinic at La Buena Fe in Honduras, Central America. This clinic and mission were originally begun by Dr and Marian Blumenschein in 1957. Many groups have supported and served at the mission and clinic over these many years.

BCF helps to support two full-time Honduran nurses at the clinic who see patients daily year round. Patients, who otherwise, would not have access to any form of health care. We supply medicines for many patients with chronic illnesses, like diabetes and high blood pressure. As well as acute problems for which there would be no relief if not for the clinic nurses. Physician Medical Brigades are usually present for a week at a time, 4 -6 times per year; seeing patients, resupplying medicines and other needed supplies.
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St. Luke's donates $50,000 in medical equipment to clinic in Honduras
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